Communities & Focus Areas

Creating Shared value

The Sustainable Communities Initiative has sought to explore and develop ways of building deep, long-lasting relationships between local communities and industry. SCI uses a community-centred approach, where the community and partners form a shared vision to work towards sustainability. The approach has a significant emphasis on capacity development amongst all partners and within the community; we are growing our collaborative practice and ability to work together. By exploring shared vision in communities, SCI identified Focus Areas, which we believe will create shared value for all partners and the region in general. We work collaboratively with communities to implement Focus Area work within Janvier and Fort Chipewyan.

Through SCI initially approached the communities to be "Pilots" and to design and to implement a model for creating shared value among diverse partners, we no longer refer to the communities we work with as pilots, but as partners. SCI began working in Janvier 2009, a small, rural community of approximately 650 residents approximately 120 km south of Fort McMurray, Alberta. After the basic design took place in Janvier, SCI began to approach more northern communities, to explore interest in working in a similar way. SCI started to work with Fort Chipewyan, Alberta in 2010. Fort Chipewyan is a remote community on Lake Athabasca in northern Alberta.

SCI strives to…

Create long lasting relationships.

Develop strong partnerships with our neighbouring communities.

Engage youth.

Support the development of youth-led projects.

Collaborate for a united vision for safe, healthy communities.

Improve sustainable development.

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