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A healthy, safe and sustainable community, helping youth to gain the knowledge, confidence and skills they need to be successful in life and to make positive contributions to their community. Youth are our Future Leaders!

Sekweha means 'for the youth' in Dene. Established as a non-profit organization in 2010, a volunteer community board oversees the vision and mission of Sekweha. The Sekweha youth team includs a coordinator, youth workers and volunteers. Daily programming is run at the Youth Centre, after school and on weekends. Sekweha works with other community partners and looks for opportunities to enrich programs and services to better meet the needs of children and youth.

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Sekweha offers its programming in Janvier, Alberta. The community's past, present and future can be found in everything the Sekweha Youth Centre represents. The youth centre was built on the same foundation where the old dance hall used to stand, which was a social gathering hub for events in the community. Looking out the windows of the youth centre, you can see the past - the air strip used by the community when it was isolated and travel was limited to a winter road for vehicles. The old church the Elders built in 1942 is also visible out the back windows. The present programs guide the youth for growth, building and encouraging responsibility. Finally, the future encompasses working with youth to develop the next generation of leaders.


  • Daily Programming

  • Trips

  • Training

  • Annual Summer Student Employment Program
Sekweha by the Numbers:
  • Youth Centre Programming: 7 days/week, 5 to 8 hours/day
  • Youth Centre Attendance: 16 youth/day average, up to 40
  • Age range: 8 to 21 years old
  • Total youth impacted: 100
  • 15 different training opportunities provided in 2014


In 2014, Sekweha created a three-year plan to focus on:

  • Relationship Building: leveraging opportunities with partners in and outside of our community

  • Expand Fundraising: youth-led fundraising to earn their own trips and exploring social enterprise opportunities

  • Facilitate positive learning experiences for youth through youth engagement and youth-designed programming

  • Skill-building, training and capacity development including job prep for youth and youth worker development

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