Northland Awards SCI as Friends of Education

The Friend of Education Award is received from Northland School Division to all of SCI with such pride and gratitude. Pride because it recognizes the work towards a vision of supporting youth as they choose their life path with confidence, and of walking in two worlds in finding that path.

2014 Annual Report: A Story in Progress

Please download and read Sustainable Community Initiative's (SCI) first annual report. This inaugural report strives to measure social progress for out initiative in 2014 through storytelling. We hope you enjoy the report and we invite you to follow SCI's progress as we meet our vision.

Winefred Lake Fish Camp

Father R. Perin and Sekweha Youth Centre collaborated to plan a land based learning experience  on the ancestral lands of the Chipewyan Prairie Dene First Nations. Community members and Elders came together to teach Janvier students about the traditional ways of fishing using a jigger and nets at Winefred Lake.

Christmas Crafting at Sekweha

On Friday, December 12, Connie Landry (Nexen) and Beverley Barca (Northland) drove out to Janvier to work with Sekweha Youth Team members, Pam Nokohoo and Leelan Herman, and Community Coordinator, Norma Black, to guide a Christmas activity.

Experiential Learning Gathering Begins

The Experiential Learning Gathering begins tomorrow!

Many people are hard at work preparing, many people have begun their journeys to the site and we look forward to seeing many more faces over the next few days on the beautiful North Shore of Winefred Lake.

For those who may have missed earlier posts, please see some essential information below.

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