Christmas Crafting at Sekweha

Feb 23, 2015 0 Comments

On Friday, December 12, Connie Landry (Nexen) and Beverley Barca (Northland) drove out to Janvier to work with Sekweha Youth Team members, Pam Nokohoo and Leelan Herman, and Community Coordinator, Norma Black, to guide a Christmas activity. Connie demonstrated for Sekweha staff how to create Christmas centerpieces with spruce and cedar boughs, carnations, ribbons and festive ornaments. When they realized they were missing one type of bough, Leelan jumped into action. "I had to travel far for a pine branch and cut it with a little hatchet," recalled Leelan. The centerpieces were excellent examples. "The simplest design of using branches and sticks was created by Leelan, and all of us were inspired to use nature to show the beauty of Christmas," said Beverley. Over the following weekend, Pam, Leelan and Norma led youth to create their own centerpieces for their families and friends.

Connie, a certified floral designer, was impressed with the outcome: "The floral artistry and imagination was impressive and the envy of all Christmas tables." they posted an album of photos to the Sekweha Facebook Page and received wonderful respondes from all across the community. Many people were asking to buy them and Sekweha is talking with Connie to arrange another learning session for an upcoming holiday like Easter. Sekweha representatives have also been considering creating youth-made centerpieces for a fundraising activity in the future.


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