Winefred Lake Fish Camp

Jun 4, 2015 0 Comments

Jackfish, Jackfish what do you see?

I see kids from Father Perin looking at me!

The first week of March was an exciting time for the community of Janvier. Father R. Perin and Sekweha Youth Centre collaborated to plan a land based learning experience  on the ancestral lands of the Chipewyan Prairie Dene First Nations. Community members and Elders came together to teach Janvier students about the traditional ways of fishing using a jigger and nets at Winefred Lake.  All the students enjoyed traditionally cooked meals prepared by Norma Black and her helpers from Sekweha. Bryan Janvier, the Experiential Learning Initiative (ELI) coordinator and various community members assisted with the land based learning activities and several older students like John Harpe, went every day to help with the younger children The children heard tales about the traditional uses of all parts of the fish and learned about how to clean fish; and at the same time did math, science and literacy activities related to the Alberta Program of Studies.

On Monday and Tuesday, Ms. Cole’s ECS class, Mrs. Hammond’s 6/7 class and Miss Best’s grade 1/2 class sorted fish and learned how to identify them from their external characteristics. The 6/7 class extended the activity and measured the fish and related it to fractions. The grade 4/5 class work with Dr. Ave Dersch to support a community based environment monitoring program. Other classes throughout the week learned about the use of the internal organs and how they are traditionally cooked. The ECS class wrote their own stories based on what they saw at Winefred Lake.

It was a wonderful week in spite of the bitter cold. Our kids learned a lot about their traditional ways, ate some great food, and it was all curriculum linked!

For more great photos from camp, check out our Fish Camp gallery or Watch Elder Mary Agnes skin a mariah!


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