Walk in Two Worlds with us

Jul 30, 2015 0 Comments

Planning for the ELI Gathering is well underway and we are due to provide an update! Please read on for details on Registration, Travel, Sponsorship and Workshops...


Registration is free, but required for all participants to be safe and fed! Online Registration form and be filled out at any time, sooner is better


We rely on in-kind and financial donations to make the ELI Gathering happen. Please email or contribute directly to our crowd-funding page

Travel and Accommodations:

Flying to Fort Chipewyan is possible from Edmonton via Northwestern Air ( and from Fort McMurray via McMurray Aviation. Please note: If you are booking through McMurray Aviation, please phone them because if the scheduled flights are full as shown online, and there are enough requests for flights they will schedule additional ones (phone: 780 791 2182)

What can you expect?

Experiential and hands-on learning, youth leadership and mentorship, land-based learning, sharing and collaboration, community and partner engagement, co-teaching and bi-cultural programs. Smells of camp fire, tastes of bannock, sounds of drums, laughter and learning. Some of our workshops and activities will include: drum-making, healing through art and music, stories of self-governance, Cree and Dene language, hand games, and much more. Workshop schedule coming soon!


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