2014 Annual Report: A Story in Progress

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2014 in Brief: Perserverence through Change

After nearly six years, SCI has clocked a lot of miles on the “social sustainability highway.” In 2014, there was a substantial leap from focusing on implementation of programming within the communities to looking ahead, and taking steps towards, long-term sustainability. SCI also experienced deeper engagement from all partners to support the planning and implementation of programming, within the communities and across sectors.
While programs were gaining momentum within the communities, 2014 also saw its share of transition that tested the fortitude and focus of its partners. Shifts in partnership and the eventual exit of two funding companies by mid-year made for a challenging period with adjustments to budgets and staff. This, however, prompted positive, proactive conversations and plans to kick start long-term sustainability efforts. This included a move by the funding company partners toward a multi-year commitment and an opportunity to focus special efforts on budgeting and the creation of a three-year plan.

The 2014 SCI annual report outlines some of the successes, growth highlights and challenges that made 2014 a milestone year for transition, including:

  • Making strides in collaboration through financial openness and transparency
  • Increasing responsibility and accountability to planning and budgeting for the long-term sustainability phase of SCI
  • Maintaining stability through personnel transitions
  • Growing capacity to increase locally-delivered comunity programming

The report provides examples and indicators of how we have progressed towards our vision, goals and overall sustainability through storytelling. In the report, you'll find stories of Social Sustainability, Relationship Development, Enhanced Engagement and Collaborative Practice.

Check out our Annual Report here!


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