Planning using the seasonal wheel – the foundation of SCI planning

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One of the most interesting aspects of collaboration between multi-stakeholder groups like SCI, where communities, companies and other partners work together, is planning. Annual planning may seem like a seamless, and obvious, task for an organization…but try it with 6 (or more) organizations, and things get interesting!

In the implementation phase of SCI, where years of research was put into practice, the Experiential Learning Initiative (ELI) was an area of interest for both communities and companies. Its hands-on approach to education engaged participants, creating challenges to work in a different way. This was a welcomed approach for everyone in the Initiative.

When the time came in 2013 for annual planning, the ELI participants made the connection between what they were referring to as “quarters” – as in the business quarters Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, and the seasons – winter, spring, summer, fall.

Of course “quarters” was a term familiar to the company reps, and the seasons were much more relatable for the Elders, youth and community people within ELI. The timeframes were the same, however the language change from “quarters” to “seasons” created a whole new level of understanding and engagement among community participants.

This was exciting!

Collaborative planning now had a new face. It would be called the Seasonal Planning Wheel. In it, there would be opportunity to plan whatever needed to be planned, using a strong visual and language everyone understood.

Here are examples of the model in use for each of LAYC and Sekweha in 2017:





As you can see, each group now has a high-level overview of their year, by season.

These Seasonal Planning Wheels have worked hard over the years! They have provided planning for work happening, not only within ELI, but in annual work planning for the organizations, including budgeting.

They have opened up the doors of understanding to be inclusive of Elders and youth. They have given new insights to company members who think of “quarters” and spreadsheets.

Through collaboration, one of SCI’s biggest hurdles – annual planning – became one of SCI’s legacies. Do you think the Seasonal Planning Wheel would work for you and your planning needs?


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