A Day with LAYC

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Youth & Elder perspective on the future of LAYC – A day with LAYC; Talking about what it's like to be a youth in the LAYC programming


LAYC – Lake Athabasca Youth Council – is embedded into Athabasca Delta Community School (ADCS), the local K-12 school in Fort Chipewyan.


Since it began in 2011, LAYC has supported the youth in its community in various ways. It has hosted clean, fun events for youth to attend in the evenings. It has provided a place for engaging conversation within the school. It has brought land-based learning into the regular teaching.


Through it all, they focus on building leaders in their community. And after operating for a few short years, they have many success stories. Youth who are becoming their dreams.


Examples of these youth include numerous youth who have graduated high school in the community, and moved on to post-secondary education. Pursuing programs that they have dreamed about while growing up in the isolated community of 1200 people.


Other youth have become Board members for LAYC, providing voice and guidance to the organization. Learning the importance of governance while supporting activities for their peers.


Just this past election, Mikisew Cree First Nation (MCFN) members elected young men as Councillors. Darren Mercredi and Calvin Waquan have been a part of LAYC for a number of years. They have both participated in LAYC events, speaking about the benefits of LAYC to hundreds of people and sharing their own personal stories.


Clearly, there is proof that the level of collaboration, support and learning happening within Fort Chipewyan through LAYC is creating community leaders.


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