A day at Sekweha

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Youth & Elder perspective on the future of Sekweha – A day at Sekweha; Talking about what it's like to be a youth in the Sekweha programming


Sekweha – for the youth in Dene. And indeed, when you step foot into the youth centre located in Janvier, Alberta, or meet one of the youth workers supporting their local school’s programming, or have a conversation with a volunteer Board member, it is evident – this is For the Youth.


What is “this” anyway?


Sekweha is more than a place for youth to hang out. Although it is that. And one of its original goals was to be a safe place for youth, a place to call their own. It offers the stability for youth, within the community, that young people have wanted and asked for for years.


Within the walls of the youth centre (and outside on the land too), is where the magic and depth of Sekweha happens.


A typical day starts with Norma, the Coordinator, and youth workers arriving at 10am. They work until 8pm, so the “late” start, based on some perspectives, has merit.


Norma checks emails and messages from Sekweha partners, chats with community members who drop in, and participate in conference calls.


The youth workers begin their day by planning out what’s going to happen. How are they going to engage the youth today?


Various ways that happens include – involving them in life skills, like preparing daily snacks (after school and on weekends), cooking a meal (which they also do daily, for at least 30 kids), and cleaning up afterwards too.


They do games, love playing pool, making crafts, or having special guests in to share their knowledge.


In all seasons, outdoor activities are planned. Sometimes it’s hockey games and baseball games, sometimes it’s snare fishing, walks through the bush, trips on the river. The programming options are endless.


Since 2010, Sekweha has been providing this support to youth in their community. It is creating leaders. This is being seen as youth grow up going to Sekweha, and now becoming youth leaders themselves – leading the younger generation through the Sekweha doors.


It will be something to watch over the next 8 years, how the youth continue to grow and support their community.


If you are interested in learning more about Sekweha, contact them at 780-559-2017.


<<Can Sekweha youth & youth workers write this? Add photos? Can they do a video instead?>>


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