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Planning using the seasonal wheel – the foundation of SCI planning

Through collaboration, one of SCI’s biggest hurdles – annual planning – became one of SCI’s legacies.
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SCI Collaboration Building School Teacher Capacity in Northern Alberta

Whether it’s small, per-class, land-based learning, or a large gathering, the value of engagement for teachers and community has, in the case of SCI, created long-lasting relationships that make a positive impact both ways.


2017 ELI Gathering

Held August 20 - 23, 2017, SCI's fourth Experiential Learning Initiative Gathering was hosted this year on Chipewyan Prairie First Nation traditional territory at Little Big Lake by the Sekweha Youth Centre. Participants included youth from Sekweha Youth Centre, Lake Athabasca Youth Council, elders, community members, SCI partners and guests from various organizations. The Gathering included traditional cultural activities such as beading, traditional food preparation, Dene and Cree language lessons, and more.


2016 ELI Gathering

This summer marked the third annual ELI Gathering, an opportunity for youth to "Walk in Two Worlds". This year the camp focused on activities for youth, as well as including them in the work planning process for 2017.


2015 SCI Annual Report: Journey to Sustainability

Please download and read Sustainable Community Initiative's (SCI) second annual report. This report strives to showcase our progress in 2015 through storytelling. We hope you enjoy the report and we invite you to follow SCI's progress as we meet our vision.

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