Sharing our Story and Learning from Others at Indspire National Gathering

The SCI team led two presentations at the Indspire National Gathering conference in November – one general presentation on ELI and how we use Seasonal Learning Wheels, and a workshop presentation by Athabasca Delta Community School (ADCS) and ELI team members on the school’s Land-Based Learning Journey.

Experiential Learning Gathering - Fort Chipewyan

There was a real sense of community within a community while attending the Experiential Learning Initiative (ELI) Gathering in Fort Chipewyan. The Gathering, hosted by Sustainable Communities Initiative, including Lake Athabasca Youth Council and Sekweha, was organized to coincide with new teachers arriving at Athabasca Delta Community School and to kick off the school year.

Walk in Two Worlds with us

Please join us to "Walk in Two Worlds" at the second annual Experiential Learning Initiative Gathering, August 23-26 2015 in Fort Chipewyan, AB at Dog Head.

ELI Gathering 2015 Planning

Planning for our second annual ELI Gathering is underway! Mark your calendars: August 23-27 in Fort Chipewyan, AB

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